The Workshops deal with a variety of subjects focusing on discussion, learning and imagination. They can be adjusted to a range of ages and abilities, and are offered to educational organizations, art centres and the private sector.

More workshops can be tailored upon request. Please contact for information about fees, length of workshops and availability.

What is a Hero? We will be discussing the definition of heroism through the use of pencils, colour and plastecine. We will take inspiration from comic artists and animators.
Bridging the fields of music and art, we will connect those two worlds, get inspired from Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky and open our minds to multidisciplinary art.
How was the world really created? Through Drama games and pictures we will get to know how different cultures around the world answer this question. We will visually present our own answers.


Discussing Family, Ecology and Giving. We will create a big Family tree, read "The Giving Tree" by Shel Silverstone, come up with magical trees and inspire each other with new ideas.